Idea to finished piece

Have your idea, sketch, basic dimensions or a detailed drawing turned into the completed item.

Malcolm is able to work from either the most basic idea/request or the most detailed engineering drawing to produce special pieces to meet very specific customer requirements.

As with all Malcolm’s work it is made and decorated by hand from high quality clays (either porcelain or stoneware depending on customer requirements) and fired to 1300 degrees Celsius resulting in extremely durable products which are suitable for the most rigorous every day and commercial use. Each piece is oven proof and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Special designs are produced for most customers, with Malcolm often collaborating with each chef or customer in determining the best size, shape and glaze for each dish……….the result being that the restaurant customer/diner is presented with a unique and aesthetically pleasing sculpture.

Following are a few examples of the briefs and special designs Malcolm has produced:

A cup and saucer/lid for Vert Design

A cup and saucer for Southern Ocean Lodge

(Brief: Should be simple and ‘delicate’, with a capacity of 250ml to 260ml, and 95mm in diameter and 60mm in height.)

A lamington plate for Southern Ocean Lodge

(Brief: Should be approximately 120mm wide and 260mm long.)

Special cup for Patricia’s Coffee Brewers

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